Rockhill Temple located in Wegiriya


Located at Rockhill Hermitage Foundation,Wegirikanda, Hondiyadeniya, Via Gampola,Sri Lanka.

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  • From Kandy, cross the railway line near the station to the local bus stops.

    Ask for a Wegiriya bound bus and exit at Wegiriya. Refer to the sign for Rockhill Hermitage (Wegirikanda) a 10 min. uphill walk.

    Alternatively, catch a Gampola bound to Gelioya.

    From the bus station at Gelioya catch a three - wheeler (tut-tut) to Rockhill Hermitage in Werigikanda (price Rs 300).

    Buses cost under Rs 25. You could also catch a minivan directly from Kandy.

    Show the  map to driver.


    Alternatively, you can catch a taxi directly from Kandy (see map).